The Meeting of the Coordinating Committee for Updating Business License Data on the Inventory Business Licenses Website in the Lao, On December 19, 2023, at 08:30-16:00 at Thavisouk Hotel, Vang Vieng District, Vientiane Province.

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On December 19, 2023, from 08:30 to 16:00, at Thavisouk Hotel in Vang Vieng District, Vientiane Province, the Department of Enterprise Registration (DER) under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce convened a meeting of the Coordinating Committee for Updating Business License Data on the Inventory Business Licenses Website (, presided over by Mrs. Vongpadit Vongsawat, Deputy Director of the DER, the meeting also included the participation of the Secretariat from the DER and representatives from various divisions within the department. Members of the Coordination Committee from concerned departments within the Ministry of Industry and Trade, along with representatives from 15 sectors responsible for issuing business licenses were in attendance, totaling 55 participants.

In her opening remarks, the chair outlined the purpose of the meeting and emphasized the crucial role of the database website in supporting the implementation of Prime Minister's Order No. 03/PM, dated 21/01/2020 on the Improvement of Services Related to the Issuance of Investment and Business Licenses in the Lao PDR. The Chair highlighted the primary responsibility of the Coordinating Committee, comprised of representatives from diverse sectors overseeing the issuance of business licenses, updating of information pertaining to legislation, regulations, procedures, deadlines, costs, and various documents associated with the issuance of permits within their respective sectors on that database website.

During this meeting, an overview report on the progress of updating business license data on the database website,  was presented by the respective sectors. Subsequently, there was a discussion and exchange of opinions regarding the conveniences, challenges, and recommendations aimed at enhancing the accuracy and completeness of information within the database website. The goal was to facilitate and foster trust and confidence in public sector services for the business sector.

The Chair of the meeting conveyed her appreciation and commended the dedicated attention and collaboration exhibited by the relevant sectors in proactively implementing this initiative. However, she recommended that the relevant sectors persist in updating data, including laws, legislation, regulations, and other pertinent details related to the issuance of business licenses within their respective oversight. This ongoing commitment is crucial to ensuring the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the data available on the website.





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