The procedure to certify trademarks and trade names

  • 01.04.2020
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Individuals, legal entity or organizations that wish to be intellectual property and registered for copyright. Those who can apply for obtaining a certificate of registration, renewal of a registration certificate, administrative remedies, or pursuing a civil action in compliance with the law of Intellectual Property or Trademark Agreement, No. 2822/MOST, dated 17 December 2019.

Updated on : 01-04-2020


1. Requests for trademark registration which have to apply to the Department of Intellectual Property or Science and Technology Division of Provincial/Vientiane Capital. The application must provide minimum requirements as mention on Article 33 the Intellectual Property Law and Article 7 of this Decree No. 2822 / MOTS;

2. If a trademark application submitted with the Intellectual Property Department that meets the minimum requirements, the application is issued an entry number and the date;

3. If a trademark application submitted with the Science and Technology Division of Provincial/Vientiane Capital that meets the minimum requirements. Thus, the Division will provide an entry number and the date then submit to the Intellectual Property Department and the same step after that.

4. If an application cannot meet minimum requirements, the application will not be issued an entry number and the date by the Division or Department;

5. If an application intends to withdraw or revoke or be denied, the payment will not be refunded;

 6. If the applicant wishes to select a validity date which should be followed by the law of Intellectual Property Law, the validity period for the trademark is 6 months. In the event that the last day of such period is a public holiday or a day when the Department does not receive the application, the department shall extend the date until the business day.

The trademark application’s documentation includes trademark registration application, intellectual property rights letter for a representative, drawing or photograph or image or an example of the trademark, description of the product or service and a receipt and fee.



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